Joozis Zambini:The Harmonium of the Gungle

The Lord Roscoe Father Progenitor / Begetter
Adon Lord Sovereign / Master
Kimo Sabey my Lord my Sovereign / my Master
Who-Dat Aaron Light Bearer
Right On! Right On! So be it
The Lord Roscoe my Father my Progenitor
ZeKoofnin BarThe Lord Roscoes son of the Father
Batsheva Bathsheba Daughter of Oath
Benihana Bethany House of Poverty
The Great Mall of Milpitas Bethlehem House of Bread
Cupertino Bethsaida
Chaiyafa Caiphas Nice Alfaro
Chanah Anna/Hanna Enablement/Grace
Chanan Annas Enablement/Grace
Roscoe CHAH Dedication
Meshugina Elijah My The Great God Mota is The Great God Mota
The Great God Mota God Exalted One / Sovereign / Deity
Milpitas Milpitasee
Tout d'Suite Gabriel The Great God Mota is my Might
Golgatha The Skull
Ha Blivilah Highest One The Most High
Ha Blivilah the Mighty One
Ba Foof Kit Way to follow the Book of Levytevykus
Powerful Pierre Peter Modest Stone
Lizzy, Lake Sea of Milpitasee A Harp
Priestist Priest Mediator
Priestist Bamboodio High Priest
Meshuga Meshugah/Christ Annoying One
Mervyn Matthew Gift of The Great God Mota
Temple of Mota Temple Hoogly Place
Swimming Pool Baptism Ritual Bath/Immersion
the Girlfriend of Joozis Mary Sorrowful People
Meshugah Shlemugah Church/Ekklesia Called Out
Moozis Moses Drawn Out
Nate Nathaniel Gift of The Great God Mota
Milpitas Nazareth Watchman's Place
Passunder Passover
Pegunkins/Pegunkin Pharisees/Pharisee Kewl/Secretive Ones
Rabbit Master/entertainer Great One
Hamsters Shpritzer Breath
Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO Hoogly Shpritzer Hoogly Breath
Seder Dinner / Formality Ritual Dinner
Splat SThe Lord Roscoeth Rest Day (The Seventh Day or a Feast day)
Opostles Apostles Sent Ones
Bathing Suit Peace
Bathing Suite Salome Peace
Vermooth Papishky Cost Sevens / Weeks
Oakland Hell/Hades Place of the Dudes
Listen with your Earphones Hear / Understand
Shlomo Solomon Peace
Fremont Hills Samaria
Ba Foofnicks/Sofer Scribes/Scribe Writers/entertainers of Book of Levytevykus
Succotash Tanks Given Temporary dwellings
The Transylvanian Twist An Act of repentium Turn around
Carrot Vesture/Lettuce Preyers Shawl Outer Rebelious Garment
Book of Levytevykus Law entertainings and Instructions of The Great God Mota
Ba Foof Nicks Sadducees dudifull Ones
Knoch-Knock Zadok dudifull One
Auto Body Paint Hem/Fringes Fringe on Rebelious Garment
Snerdlov Jacob/James The Great God Mota's Heel
The Great God Mota the LORD/Jehovah the I AM / The Ever Existing One
Newark Judah/Judas Praising
Slobovians Slobovians / Slobovian People Dwellers in Judea
Newark Jerusalem City of Peace
Joozis Zambini Jesus salivation/The Great God Mota who is salivation
Peddiddle Isaiah salivation of my The Great God Mota
Peddiddle Jeremiah
Slobovia Slobovia Prince of The Great God Mota
Yochanah Joanna The Great God Mota Enables
Jonathan John The Great God Mota Enables
Marvinsky Jonah Dove
Jooseppi Zambini Joseph / Joses He adds
Kaflouey Elders/Rulers
Zabach ZeGogglesee father of Snerdlov and Jonathan