Chapter Two

The Boat Trip of Joozis

The Hoogly family of Zambini lived in Mipitas, in an apartment near the Wash-Ka-Happy Slough.

Joozis was always making dingalings as befits a Son of Zambini. One day he decided to make a boat and explore the banks of the Wash' Ka Happy River that passed through Mipitas.

Then the words of Poopy Panda came to Joozis and said, "Build an Ark out of Shittim Wood and Bull Pucky sticks and provision it with Baloney Sandwiches and Soda so you can fulfill the prophesy" And Joozis did as was Commanded by Poopy Panda and set sail down the Wash-Ka Happy Slough in his little boat.

Then the Sky opened up and Many Papishkies floated down upon the little boat. Then a rain of 100 dollar bills came down, followed by a rain of investment instruments and filled the little ark untill Joozis thought he might drown.

Then Joozis Blew up an Inner Tube that he had brought for extra floatation and made camp along the shore, among the Rails and Avocets. The Marsh Mice came and ate from the Baloney sandwiches, being true followers of the Lord Roscoe. Then Joozis returned to his family after giving them conniption fits. Jooseppi Zambini was at first very angry with Joozis and was about to give hime a shelacking when Joozis said, " See I bring many Papishkies, 100 dollar bills and other investment instruments." Upon hear ing this Zambini and the Girlfriend of Joozis became very happy and they saw it as a sign from Mota and Lord Roscoe and Poopy Panda and the Spirit of Ashlozmo.

Now Zambini used the money to build a great Temple to Mota and Poopy Panda and Lord Roscoe there on the shores of the Wash-Ka-Happy River. This Temple was a new one and was dedicated to the New Reformed Priesitstess of Mota , Elucelom, Nortcele, Lord Roscoe, Poopy Panda and the shpritzer of ASHLOZMO. The Mother of Joozis being a para-legal was the receptionist and cooked the books.

Joozis Zambini continued to increase in wisdom and stature, progressing from 8th grade to high school, {as surely a true heir to Joe Carcionne the green Grocer would}.