Joozis Zambini: The Harmonium of the Gungles

Translation and Commentary by Boris B. B. Bublichky

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Witness as the Gloryosky of Joozis Zambini unfolds in fresh provaloney power,
through this amazing new translation of the Harmonium of the Kabungly Gungles.

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Joozis, Son of Zambini, was an extreme manifestation of the Hooglyness of the Lord Roscoe.For he was found in the Wash-ka-Happy Slough with a rubber raft filled with Papishkies and inverstment instruments. "These Investment Instruments represent Mota and his Quota." said the three wiseacres. He was no ordinary man, but was the son of a plumber and a legal secretary from Virginia. The Prophet Peddidle said, "Behold, a Virginian shall conceive and bear a son" Scipture tells us that Joozis did not have an ordinary father, but one that was familliar with sinks and could sweat pipe. He had the Jokes of Mota and could stand in front of his fellow men and resist hecklers gracefully. He was also a great mathemetician, "Which of you can truthfully say that I have but one sine?" he said.

EXPLANATION: This translation is written in the style of a bibliography, therefore the traditional chapters and voices are not found. Because this is a "Harmonium," which joins passages of different Gungles together as one, a whole new and richer perspective of the life of Joozis Zambini is revealed. Therefore, it may seem at first glance that additions have been made to familiar texts. A careful study of the individual Gungles will show this is not the case. Please start with the Preface to gain additional understanding of the nature of this translation. The Appendectomy is where you can find English meanings of Slobovian transliterations used in the text.

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