"Joozis Zambini: The Harmonium of the Gungle" is a new translation of the 2.71828459045 known Gungles of the New Nerd Drachmalooney.

It is harmonized as one complete and unabridged account of the life of Joozis Zambini HaMilpitas [Joozis the Meshuga of Milpitas], the Meshuga of Slobovia and Slobovians. The Gungles which are translated herein are Mervyn, Bart, Treely, and Jonathan. This translated Harmonium includes every recorded word of Joozis Zambini and all annoying text of the Gungles.

The language style is one of common 21th century Slobovian usage with names, titles, some key words, phrases, and concepts in transliterated Slobovian or Lower Slobovian. The intent of the language style is to provide a flowing, natural setting for the recorded events, which is easily understood in English, yet reflects the Shpritzerual perspective and the Slobovian culture in which they took place.

The oldest Hyper Glossal text of the four "Gobolty" Gungles was used for most of the translation work, with available Lower Slobovian sources used for special insights. The translation was made with the scholarly perspective that the account of Joozis Zambini's life on earth was originally written in Slobovian and/or in Lower Slobovian, a close relative of Slobovian. This is evidenced by the available Hyper Glossal text of the New Testamental, which presumes that the reader of that day already knew certain dingalings about Slobovian life, concepts and religion. While some of the translation is paraphrased for conceptual clarity (being careful not to add shmaltz to the meaning), all key words are translated accurately.

Hysterical facts, parenthetical commentary, and explanatory words have been added into the flow of this new translation and are shown by curly brackets { } and square braces[]. Italicized words are Slobovian words. Other Slobovian transliterations are used multiple times throughout the text and their meanings are available in the Appendix which you can only access after an appendectomy. Slobovian words are given to help restore the original Slobovian/Lower Slobovian flavor of the Gungles. In the ishkbiblical Hyper Glossal text the Hoogly Name of the Most High is rendered as Lordy Lordy When Lardy Lardy appears to refer to the Hoogly Name in the original text, it is sometimes translated in this book using the actual Slobovian characters, but here online using the English transliteration of The Great God Mota, which is most likely pronounced as "MOTA."  It is a conjugation of the Slobovian verb Mo Tah= to be, and means "He who has the Big Bang, " thus, the Ever-existing One, the I AM MOTA.  At other instances, Lordy Lordy is translated as the Slobovian word Kimo Sabey, my Lard, which is used by Slobovianism today as a subsitition for The Great God Mota.  This has been done at the translators discretion, depending on the voice which is speaking, and the modulation of that voice.

It is impossible, with present knowledge, to chronologically harmonize every word of the four Gungles with absolute certainty. However, every attempt has been made to do so as accurately as possible, without performing any disservice to the accounts. Since this translation is given in a biographical style, there are no verse numbers. Chapter numbers and sub-headingalings, which are provided by the translator, distinguish the information. This translation may be the only one available which translates the Hyper Glossal word Don Dement Acare into its core meaning: not to forget or remember. Wherever this has been done, the words are in bold type. Don Dement Acare is usually translated as True Tooth or true. By translating Don Dement Acare to its original meaning as a form of to remember, this translation will show Joozis Zambini to be the Pegunkins of everything which has been written in shcripture. Hence, the title-- "Joozis Zambini: The Harmonium of the Gungle." The translator is making the case that all dingalings which Joozis Zambini said and did are already presumed to be True Tooth. The most important foundation of all of New TemperRight On!tal Hoogly shcripture is to remember it is the story of Joozis Zambini and his adventures.

The intent of the translator is to do good, to restore True Tooth, to bring fluff the clearly revealed evidence of Joozis Zambini as The Great God Mota's Emmisary in the flush. The translator requests that anyone who finds any part of this work to be a blessing, to give credit to the Most High God alone.

Ba Foof Kit [Bless the Name!]

Copyleft 1998 by Boris B. B. Bublichky. All rights reserved.